Skin Hydrating Support

Ino Hydro is an ultimate trio of beauty supplement that delivers extra boost of bounciness, hydration, control skin aging process caused by oxidative stress, help to regenerate and revitalize the skin tissues, protect skin against UV light, and keeps skin clarify and healthy.

Benefits Of Ino Hydro:

Suitable for People Who:

  • Wish to prevent wrinkle
  • Suffer from skin dehydration
  • Have dark spot
  • Have uneven/dark skin texture
  • Have dermatolysis (loose skin)
  • Are frequently under sun exposure
  • Seldom apply sunscreen

Direction of Use:

Each sachet contains 1 astaxanthin tablet, 1 hyaluronic acid tablet, and 1 ocean placenta capsule.
Take 1 sachet daily with warm water, preferably after meal.