Dietary Supplement For Men

Ino Man, a formulation that contains a blend of natural ingredients, which includes Eurycoma longifolia (also known as Tongkat Ali), Maca and Maca Pure® (0.6% macamides & macaenes). These natural ingredients has been clinically proven to enhance or improve strength, stamina, energy, virility, physical endurance, sexual pleasure and desire, orgasm, sexual performance, erectile function, as well as reproductive or fertility health, which may eventually contribute to boost up ego and confident among men. Ino Man drives you to all-brand new sexual destiny!

Benefits of Ino Man:

  • Increase blood flow (erections enhancement)
  • Heighten muscle strength (tone & mass)
  • Boost up energy
  • Stimulate sexual libido
  • Enhance sexual performance (elevate mood & desire)
  • Increase sperm count (higher chance for fertility)

Suitable for People Who:

  • Are fatigue
  • Are under depress
  • Have low physical endurance
  • Have diminish sexual intensity
  • Suffer from erectile dysfunction

Direction of Use:

Take 2 capsules daily.