Restore Youthful, Resilience, and Radiant Skin

Provides necessary elements to skin. It contains 2000mg of collagen, glutathione (extracted from yeast), vitamin C, grape skin extract (with resveratrol), hyaluronic acid and silk protein. These combination produce a significant whitening effect. It inhibits melanin, fading dark spots, maintains skin elasticity and stimulates skin regeneration.

Formation of Dark Spots

Melanin is a pigment produced by melanocytes which is found in the basal layer of epidermis. In the circumstances of sun’s ultraviolet rays, computer radiation, endocrine disorders, nutritional imbalance, life stress, smoking and the use of improper skin care products will promote melanocytes cell division; the activated tyrosinase will catalyse the production of melanin in cell. Uneven distribution of excess melanin will lead to dull skin and dark spots.

Do you have these problems?

  • Uneven skin tone, dull and sallow
  • Worried about ­ne lines and wrinkles
  • Stay up late, long-term computer use
  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Over 25 years old, skin turns rough and saggy

Feel the visibly bright and moisture skin with Ino White Jelly!

Ino White promote general well-being while improving the skin’s texture, inhibit melanin and complexion thus allowing one to look and feel healthier and even younger!

5 FRESH Points:
Replenishes health and beauty elements needed by the body

No more pills to swallow, Ino White jelly could be your favorite snack!

Water soluble components for quick absorption

Low calorie, fat-free

Compact packaging for immediate consumption and enjoyment at anytime, anywhere.

Active Ingredients:
Vitamin C
Inhibits tyrosinase and blocking melanin production, effective antioxidant, helps to increase effectiveness of gluthathione

Grape Skin Extract (with resveratrol)
Grape seed extract is a natural skin purifier which high in antioxidants

Silk Protein
Potent and long-lasting moisturizing ability, UV resistant

Collagen 2000mg
Improves skin elasticity and stimulates skin regeneration

Hyaluronic Acid
Stimulates blood circulation to provide necessary nutrients and oxygen to cells, replenishes and regulates water content of skin to maintain skin’s elasticity and tenderness

Glutathione (extracted from yeast)
Glutathione is a natural compound which composed of three types of amino acids (cystine, glutamic acid and glycine). Cysteine is part of glutathione; this amino acid has detoxification function and also acts as a very potent antioxidant.

Glutathione + Vitamin C
Whitening effect is 3 times stronger than glutathione or vitamin C alone.

Glutathione + Resveratrol
Anti-oxidation effect is 4 times stronger than resveratrol alone.

Direction for use:

  • Consume one pack daily, before meal. Best served chilled.
  • Consume with InoGen Collagen Drink for best results.