Joint Care Powder

In Asia, an average of one in six people will suffer from arthritis at some stage in their life. Arthritis can cause pain and even lead to mobility problems. Clinical trials confirmed that nutritional supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin can significantly alleviate arthritis by stimulate cartilage regeneration and joint repair.


Inovital Glucosamine Powder contains 1500mg Natural Glucosamine, 1200mg Chondroitin and Patented Type II Collagen which can effectively repair the worn cartilage and connective tissue in joints. Vitamin D3 and Calcium Lactate provide additional lubrication to the joint and also increase bone density. Inovital Glucosamine Powder 8 in 1 formula brings you complete joint agility!

4 Main Functions of Inovital Glucosamine Powder:

  • Stimulate cartilage formation and retain synovial ­fluid to avoid joint in­flammation caused by friction
  • Lubricating joints, protect cartilage
  • Suppress arthritis, soothe joint pain
  • Enhance calcium absorption, increase bone density

Direction of Use:

Pour a sachet into a glass of water (250ml) and stir well. Drink once daily after meal.