Energize Your Body

Cure Energie, fits right for those who experience fatigue, reduced stamina, feelings of weakness and etc. it is especially good for those who works night shift. The natural supplement can help you stay up, awake and alert through those long nights.

Study has showed that one of the compositions, Guarana (Cupana seed extract), is a natural medicine to improve cognitive, memory alert and content mood ratings. It has marked stimulating effect on human consciousness. Koko nut (Cola acuminate seed) used to increase physical capacity, for enduring fatigue without food and for treating nervous disability.

The botanical Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle) is a naturally nutritious way as tonic to nourish and detoxifies the entire system. It is a fine circulatory stimulant to increase blood circulation throughout the body thus to uplift the weary body and relative fatigue and exhaustion.