Hair & Nail Vitalizer

The beauty of hair and nail begins with good nutrition. Cure Vitalisante was specially created to assist with the nutritional needs of your hairs and nails. A specially formulated quantity of (Rosa canica) Rose hip fruit extract and (Urtica dioica) nettle leaf contains iron and vitamins which is vital in the production of keratin, a strong protein for the synthesis of hairs and nails.

The mixture also favors the regular growth, hence treating hair loss and eliminates dandruff. Burdock leaf extract (Artcium lappa) has powerful detoxifying and cleansing properties. (Panicium miliaceum) Millet, a rich source of magnesium & phosphorus together with vitamin A, B1, B2 & B5 to repair the dull and weak hair; while pantothenic acid makes hair softer, preserving color and shine. The rich mineral contents also stimulate the growth of stronger nail; promote it resistant to infection and environment factor.