Immune Booster

Lapacho is an evergreen tree with rosy colored flowers. It is found in the rain forests and mountains of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Lapacho is scientifically known as Tabebuia avellenedae or T. impetiginosa. It is also called Pau d’Arco, Ipe Roxo or Taheebo. Lapacho is one of the powerful herbs with loads of healing & anti-fungal properties. The main active constituents present in lapacho effectiveness in the treatment of tumors and infections.

Lapacho is a traditional herb to help strengthen our body immune system. The USA FDA gave Lapacho a clean bill of health in 1981.

  • Helps to strengthen our body immune system
  • Strong antioxidant properties
  • Natural antivirus and anti bacteria

Benefits of Lapacho:

  • Boost immune system
  • Overcome  fever, infection, colds and flu. Anti tumor – Lapachol
  • Contain anti-cancer agents (to combat leukemia and tumors)
  • Eliminates uric acid (which causes arthritis and gout)
  • Natural Anti virus and anti bacteria (to combat cold sore, hepatitis and venereal diseases such as candida, syphilis, herpes and etc)
  • Anti-fungus (to combat skin diseases, such as white spots athlete’s foot.
  • Strong anti oxidant properties

Direction of Use:

Take 1-5 capsules twice a day, after meal.