Improve Senior Citizen Overall Health & General Well-Being

Inovital longevity provides rich source of nutrients to protect the health of cardiovascular, prevent aging and improve brain function.

Soba is the tartary buckwheat husk extract; contains a high amount of rutin, which has been proved to be able to reduce blood lipid, antioxidation and stabilizing blood sugar. Purslane, also known as the longevity vegetable, consists of antioxidation ability, helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and nerve damage. High-calcium skimmed milk powder from new zealand is natural and unpolluted, together with isolated soy protein which provide high quality protein, helps maintain the stability of blood glucose level, and reduce the incidence of metabolic syndrome.

Recommended usage:
Mix the powder into 200ml of warm water. Stir well before drinking. Consume one sachet per day, after breakfast or dinner.

Storage condition:
Store in a cool dry place.

1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Those who under medical conditions are advised to consult a healthcare professional before consumption.