Ino Lungs




Ino Lungs

Against PM 2.5, Enhance the Resistance is the Key

Deeply Nourish Your Lungs and Help You Fight PM 2.5!

Ino lungsis a drink rich in chinese herbal medicines. It can effectively improve the respiratory discomfort of the ones who are under long-term exposure to air pollution and of the ones who smoke.

Unripe snow pear contains high level of chlorogenic acid and polyphenols, which are beneficial for improving lung cell repair; honeysuckle and mint, are the effective anti-oxidation and can inhibit the infection in upper respiratory tract; licorice, campanulaceae and monk fruit extract can help expectorant, prevent allergy reaction and relieve respiratory discomfort.

Direction of Use:

1-2 bottle(s) a day after meal. Best served chilled.

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