Belblanc Packaging

Natural Sun Protection From Inside Out

BelBlanc chewable tablets contain the extracts of Acerola fruit which is extremely rich in natural vitamin C; Blood Orange Extracts which contains powerful antioxidants and Rose Petals Extracts which has been granted Japanese patent for skin whitening. With the use of these three natural active ingredients, Belblanc effectively repairs the UV damaged skin, fades pigmentation spots, inhibits and blocks the production of melanin, and also whitens your skin, giving you a flawless and luminous fair skin.

Let BelBlanc be the shield of your fragile skin, protects your skin from harmful UV damages, and allows your skin to stay healthy even if it is under the sun. Let your sunshine skin shimmering bright like the sunlight!

Benefits of BelBlanc:
• Prevents the skin from UV damage
• Reduces the redness caused by UV rays
• Effectively repairs the damaged skin caused by UV rays
• Inhibits and blocks the melanin production for a brighter skin
• Improves skin tone and fades pigmentation spots
• Fights and neutralizes free radicals in the skin

Suitable for:
• Those who want fair skin
• Those who owned dull complexion
• Those who experiencing uneven skin tone
• Those who work outdoors
• Those who frequently expose to sunlight
• Those who experiencing pigmentation problems
• Women over the age of 30
• Those who live in an environment full of free-radicals
• Those who has imbalance diet

1 tablet of BelBlanc to be chewed before meal, once per day.