Formulated Milk Powder For Children

There are many reasons why a mother may choose to formula feed her child – medical concerns, convenience, flexibility, time and frequency of feeding, etc. For mothers who are unable to breastfeed or decided not to, Mon Petit Inovital formula milk range is the best alternative. It is modelled on breast milk and its composition is manufactured to resemble breast milk as close as possible.

The Mon Petit Inovital range of products is made in France. The high quality of our products is guaranteed by rigid norms and rigorous control plans. Mon Petit Inovital formula milk has been formulated to provide the necessary nutrients to your baby:

Production Quality Charter

1. French Production ( Mayenne, in West France)
2. High Standard of Quality (Traceability and Control)
3. Raw Materials

  • Cow milk traceability: controlled fresh milk, coming from nearby and selected producers
  • GMO free selection

4. Manufacturing Process

  • Products traceability
  • Laboratory tests at each stage: microbiological, physic-chemical, and sensory tests
  • ISO 9001/IFS plant certifications
  • Risk management (HACCP method)
  • Monitoring by official agencies on formulations, labelling (DGCCRF), sanitary aspect (DSV: veterinary service)

Mon Petit Inovital 1, 2 & 3

Tailored nutrition for your child at every stage of their growth and development.

Mon Petit Inovital 1 (for 0-6 month’s babies)

Mon Petit Inovital 2 (for 6-12 month’s babies)

Mon Petit Inovital 3 (for 1-3 year’s toddlers)