Water Purifier-eng

Uncompromised Quality:

  • From French pharmaceutical brand.
  • Perfect combination of innovation and vitality.
  • Long-term commitment in developing thoughtful health supplies.
  • Comply with strict requirements of WHO standards, combined with advanced scientific research.
  • Development of diversified products.

Multiple Filtration:

Safe and effective way to provide healthy drinking water.

Benefits of Water Purifier:

  • Easy installation and operation, thoughtful in fulfilling various needs of users.
  • Long usage cycle without the need of frequent replacement, time and cost saving.
  • Safety and healthy, eliminating contamination from untreated water.
  • Nutrient-rich, enhance human health.
  • Comply with WHO standard.
  • Continuous supply of pure and clean weak alkaline water.
  • Large capacity (20L) to meet the needs of water replenishment at anytime.